David Alan Jewelry: A NYC Custom Boutique Jeweler

Happy Valentine’s Day!  If you follow me on Instagram and/or Snapchat then you know I attended a few days of New York Fashion Week.  Let me tell you, it was a whirlwind adventure.  If you’ve never done it, you need to at least once.  It was an excuse to play dress up!  I partnered up with David Alan Jewelry  for my NYFW experience.   Jewelry is the icing on the cake for any look.  If you live in the vicinity of New York, this is your guy.  David Alan Jewelry is a master custom jeweler who makes one of a kind modern classic jewelry from engagement rings to the sexiest self purchase jewels girls want to wear (and buy for themselves!)

About the jeweler

I met with David and Helena in their mid-town office.  I was expecting a public jewelry store.  I took the elevator to the 14th floor and walked into a creative atelier and workshop.  You could feel his passion for the craft just by being there.  (click here to read about how they work)  I was warmly greeted then offered a beverage and a seat on the tufted nail head trimmed sofa by the edgy artwork casually leaning against the wall.   David’s space was industrial yet somehow warm.  He sat in one of my favorite Restoration Hardware chairs (I already like his style).

He cleaned my rings while the three of us discussed our families.  They were SO down to earth and relatable.  I felt like we were old friends having an easy conversation.  David told me a little background information about his training and experience as a jeweler. Here’s  more about him and his qualifications.  There was a man at a bench working on a custom piece right behind us.  I loved seeing the work space and the process.  You could feel the creative energy in the room.

In his diamond pieces, one of his trademarks is that he “hides” a pink diamond (!!!) It was almost like a game as I tried on the many rings to find the pinky! Here’s a peek at one of the engagement ring he has created.  To die for.  (I spy the pink diamond, can you?)

Selecting my pieces

The coffee table in front of me was covered in jewelry.  There were too many to choose from!  You guys…

Helena helped me choose pieces to compliment the outfits I had put together.  This woman knows style.  I wanted something delicate but unique to pair with  a classic graphic white tee and ripped jeans.

We decided that these two pieces from David’s Signature Collection were a great fit.  The rose gold and diamond two-finger ring paired with the single midi-ring were the perfect choices.

I  love how sculptural and open the design is!  So so different from anything I’ve worn.

There were a few variations on the single ring, but this one looked like an M to me, so it was my pick.

I wanted something funkier  to pair with this brightly patterned Milly skirt.  The yellow quartz  Solutaire cocktail ring was just the ticket.  How fun is this?!

For my all black outfit,  we thought a pop of color would work best.   I wore the above quartz ring again because I was so in love with it and we added two bright bands to complete this look.

Helena chose a few colored gemstone bands and suggested stacking them.  The amber hue eternity band features a rare but beautiful gemstone called andalucite, and the blue/green eternity band featuring green tourmaline.  Check out how vibrant the colors are!

And the settings on these suckers are not joke either.  Yes please!

My favorite rings that I wore were a stack of three rose cut diamond rings with halo settings.  He said they were champagne diamonds and I immediately fell in love.  Dear husband, if you’re reading this post and have gotten this far, I am putting these on my wishlist.   I. Am.  Obsessed.

Helena said that people have been buying stacking engagement rings like crazy!  These feature rose cut diamonds which have a subtle, sexy sparkly. (top to bottom: marquise, trilliant, round) I am all for this trend.  I placed my engagement ring on top of the stack (in the photo below) to give my own personal meaning to it.  Plus, I was missing my man .  

Here’s what I wore these rings with for a business meetup with a designer.


If you’re in the market for engagement or wedding bands, check out hers that came from this very workshop featuring 7.82 carats of old old-mine cut diamonds which are all 70-100 years old!… Those are diamonds on diamonds.  Holy ice.

David showed me his wedding ring that he designed as well.  Look at this one.  Yes those are ombre grey colored diamonds on the inside of the band.

If you’re attached, you may want to email this post to your significant other as a gentle nudge.  Here is a link to David Alan Jewelry in case you wanted to further drool over his amazing craftsmanship.

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  1. I hear you, I wouldn’t know what to pick either. They all looked great on you! I love the designer’s style. Looks like you had some fun 🙂

  2. Wow! What a great experience! The jewelry is GORGEOUS and it looked gorgeous on you! Did you have to give it ALL back 😥 😉

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