Great Cruelty Free Makeup Brushes: BrushCraft

I’m kind of a creature of habit, so when BrushCraft sent me their new line of ergonomic brushes to try, I was a little hesitant.  I’m used to paintbrush style brushes, ya know, the conventional ones.  I’ve seen the new style of makeup brushes on social media, but I wasn’t ready to try.

After a FaceTime with Ryan (a rep for the brand), I understood why these brushes are easier to use.  The shape and angle mimics the same angles as the hand.  Totally made sense.


I was sent the large oval (oval 6) and the small circle (circle 1 R) brushes.  They are cruelty free so the bristles are made with NuFibre.  The strands are tapered and really fine.  I can’t tell you how dense (and soft!) these brushes are.

brushcraft diagram.001.jpeg

I use Georgio Armani luminous silk foundation and it’s very thin and liquid-y.  I don’t use a blending sponge to apply it because it soaks up too much product and I end up using 3 times as much as I should.  The oval 6 brush allows me to use just one pump and leaves the product on my face rather than being trapped in the brush.

Creamy/liquid products apply better with a synthetic better than a natural.  The NuFibre never left a brushstroke on my face.  It blends like a dream.  The line is super-affordable too ($18-$24) .  Click here to go to the BrushCraft website.


The small round brush can be used so many ways.  Eye shadow crease, lips, highlight and contour.  I love it for blending under eye concealer (it gets nice and close to the lash line and in the tear duct area well).

Definitely worth the purchase for a flawless application.

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