Let’s Talk Lashes.

To kick off Finding Silver Linings beauty week, I want to start by talking about my numero uno beauty essential.  Mascara.  This one product will make you instantly appear more awake, wide-eyed and prettier 🙂

Not too long ago, I opened an email from an FSL reader.  Her name is Angel and she wrote to me about testing a new mascara.  She claimed that it would give a look of false lashes.  I have heard this before about other mascaras on the market, but I thought, what’s the worst that can happen?  If it didn’t deliver, then I could just wash it off and slap on a few coats of Old Faithful.  So I told her I’d give it a whirl.

But…FSL has awesome readers.  You know that because you are reading this right now.  I love you.  The package arrived at Casa FSL and I was not disappointed.   The mascara came in a snazzy case.

There are a few steps to get the best lashes ever. So there are two tubes.  A sealer (that applies like regular mascara but works as an adhesive) and the 3-D fibers (that looks furry).  The fibers attach to your lashes like extensions.  Yes!!! Then you seal the fibers on with another coat of the first tube.

No, this isn’t a one-coat-and-you’re-out-the-door mascara.  It sounds like a lot of steps but it doesn’t take forever to apply.  Three coats and you get the best lashes you can get without applying falsies or using Latisse.

This mascara is smudge proof, water resistant, hypo-allergenic and safe for contact lens wearers. The gel (vegetable based collagen) goes on first, then a coat of fibers (all natural green tea fibers), seal with a coat of gel and you are ready to take on the day!

Here’s a pic of me with no mascara, two coats of regular mascara, and an application of Younique.

FullSizeRender (16)

This stuff is pretty amazing.   Here’s another look…

pic collage

I can not get enough of this.

Lashes on lashes


As I mentioned above, you guys really are awesome.  So, I’m giving away this phenomenal mascara to one lucky reader.

There are lots of ways to enter!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


If you just can’t wait, you can purchase your new favorite mascara by clicking here.


***All opinions are mine***

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