Protein Cookie Dough

You guyssssss!  Summer is in full swing.  Being a teacher, this means I have time.  Time to do what I want to do like go to the beach with Max,  do some stuff around the house, food shop in the morning with no crowds, and hit the gym.  After busting my tush with a crazy workout (check out @IamMissFit for some killer workouts on Instagram) I don’t want to come home and blow it on sweets.  But, like, I wanna eat cookie dough every now and then ya know?!  You guys know I love my desserts.  Not even love…LUUUURRRRVVVEE!

Well, this recipe is the ONE! The one that saved my healthy eating this week.  I was going to post a D-I-Y but needed to get this recipe off my chest.   There are only 4 ingredients and there aren’t any weird artificial things happening here.

photo 5(1)Let me talk about the texture for a sec.  Sometimes healthy recipes that use protein powder have a strange consistency.  This is not one of those recipes.  The taste and texture are dead on.  Look.

Oh my goodness! PROTEIN cookie dough!!! Dream come true

Now that I have your attention, this recipe makes 5-6  one inch bites (or if you’re lazy too hungry or me and just want to eat it by the spoonful, it makes a full disposable bowl!).

4 ingredient protein cookie dough bites


  • 1 scoop vanilla protein powder (I use BSN whipped vanilla)
  • 1.5 T light agave nectar
  • 2T natural peanut butter
  • 1t mini chocolate chips

Mix the first three ingredients until dough begins to form the add in your chips. If dough seems too dry add in 1/2 teaspoon of water or almond milk until desired texture. Roll into truffles or eat straight from the bowl 🙂  If storing these, place in a ziplock in the fridge.

4 ingredient protein bites that tastes exactly like cookie dough


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4 thoughts on “Protein Cookie Dough

  1. Mindy! I have been thinking about you a lot since we’re in the big fat heart of summer, knowing that you’re having a ball with Max and enjoying your time off. How are you? How was last school year? How was graduate school?
    We still love living in Atlanta.
    Sad news – my dog, Nala, died last weekend. I miss her so much!
    Katherine and Sylvie are both doing well. Sylvie is going to start college at Hunter in NYC in the fall, studying art! She lived in Brooklyn all last year. Katherine is thinking about graduate school.
    Lawrence loves his job. I love weaving and working at the Shambhala Center. All is good. Thinking of you with love, Sally

  2. These are AMAZING! I made them and brought them to school and all my friends were going to pay me to make them some! Super awesome recieve!

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