D-I-Y Coconut Butter

 I love a lot of things.  Max’s new French accent being one of them.  I am not sure where this came from, but for the past two months, the few words he can say have a “zee” or “la” in front of.  Allow me to translate a few of his favorites.

  • “La poop” =  poop
  • “La bink” = binky (pacifier)
  • “Zee ball” = ball
  • “La cook” = cookie

Welcome to my world. Here is a 15 second glimpse into it (Mr. FSL sent me this clip yesterday).  He was asking for “La Mama”.  Excuse me while I melt into a puddle of mush.  He has me wrapped around his little finger.

There are a few things in this world that I absolutely adore: family, art, Nutella and coconut.  Coconut oil has been all the rage lately for its health benefits.  See for yourself:


I haven’t jumped on board with that, but I saw this recipe for coconut butter on How Sweet It Is and almost choked on my lunch.

Coconut butter.




(audible sigh)


1 bag of unsweetened coconut flakes

a pinch of salt


I mean it’s embarrassingly easy. Does this qualify as a recipe?  Maybe not.  Oh well.

Here’s what I did.

Grab a bag of UN-Sweetened coconut flakes.  The big fat flakes, not the shreds.  I found it in the organic aisle.

huge unsweetened coconut flakes

Dump the bag and salt into a food processor.

use big fat coconut flakes to make rich coconut butter

Put a lid on that sucker, and blend for 5 minutes.  Like, 5 whole minutes.   If it looks like this, it’s not done yet.

grind up unsweetened coconut flakes

You want it liquid.

liquified coconut

When you take the lid off the processor, try not to get any drool in there when the smell hits you in the face.  Oh em ghee.

Pour it into a container that you will be storing your butter in.

This will be warm or even hot from the food processing.  When it comes to room temp, it will take on the consistency of butter.

easiest way to make your own coconut oil

Wednesday’s recipe will be a good one.  It will involve sweet, melty coconut butter.  Get ready!

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7 thoughts on “D-I-Y Coconut Butter

  1. Just curious — why can’t you use shredded coconut? More “meat” in the coconut?
    I just bought sweetened, shredded coconut and would love to try this.

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