40 Calorie Breakfast Cups

Let’s just eat bacon every day.

I mean, bacon is it’s own food group right?  Most things in in life are better with some form of bacon or Nutella or alcohol.   Just my opinion here folks.

I realize that the next statement makes me a bit of a deviant but I’m going to air it all out right here, right now.

Don’t hate me.



(bows head)



I prefer turkey bacon.

Shameful I know.  It’s just that I have this phobia.  Well not exactly a phobia. I just hate the feeling of fat coating my mouth.  I’m that girl.  I blot the oil off of pizza before I eat it.   Not because I am on a diet, but because the texture of fat coating my mouth skeeves me out  (does everyone say skeeve or just me?).   I’m not saying I don’t eat or love actual bacon.  I’m just saying I can’t eat it every day.  I can eat turkey bacon every day.  I blot that too before I eat it.  I’m annoying.

On the weekends when I have time to do elaborate things such as making a hot breakfast, I make Mr FSL and myself (low-salt turkey) bacon, egg (white) & (low fat) cheese sandwiches on (100 calorie) english muffins.  My only gripe with this is when I bite into it, the entire slice of bacon slips out of the sandwich. You guys know that I’m obsessive compulsive, so this put a kink in my breakfast dining experience.  My fix: rip up the bacon. Yes.  DIY bacon bits.


Put these bits on your sandwich and enjoy a bacon-slipless meal.  Here’s a pic on my fancy weekend china.

chopped bacon sandwich

Egg whites and turkey bacon are a protein packed breakfast (or if you’re me snack, lunch or dinner).  My weekday mornings are a bit cray cray with you know who running around.

Max playing with toilet paper

So I’m not usually whisking egg white omelettes and frying turkey bacon.  I’m picking up handmade toilet paper confetti while trying to put on a coat of mascara.  Multitasker.  I am lucky if I can scarf down a bowl of cereal before I go to work.

So the “recipe” I’m sharing has changed my mornings.  And snacks and sometimes lunch.   I’ve seen it before but it sounded weird to me because it sounded wrong.  The first few times I heard about this the people called it egg muffins.  Belch.  No bueno.  Please don’t call these cupcakes or muffins.  That ruins them for me.  I’m weird.   I knew what it was, but it sounded odd.  I told myself they’re baked bacon.  Much better.

These are seriously good!  Even Max likes them.

max eats bacon too

Look at that focus.  Just like mama.

Heat oven to 350 F.  Lightly coat a muffin pan with nonstick spray.  Place a slice of turkey bacon (I use Butterball thin and crispy for these) in each cup.  One large egg white fills the center.  If you’re feeling frisky, use 2.  By the way,  Each large egg white is a mere 17 calories of straight protein.  Sprinkle a little pepper to season.

Turkey bacon & egg whites

Bake for about 25 minutes.  These would be fabulous with some spinach or peppers.

These are my latest grab & go snacks.  At 40 calories a pop, I eat a few to fuel my day sans guilt.  They reheat nicely in a microwave and are surprisingly good cold.  The egg consistency is like a hard boiled egg.  The bacon stays pretty crispy.

40 calorie turkey bacon and eggwhite cup

Pin this recipe to your New Year Resolution board or email it to your workout partner for some healthy eating motivation.  Spread the positivity :)

Love you guys! XO

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4 Responses to 40 Calorie Breakfast Cups

  1. Leila says:

    I just happen to love turkey bacon also girlfriend.

    Max is way to cute, he is growing up so fast.

    Big hugs Leila

  2. April V says:

    I could eat an entire pan of these.
    In one sitting. :-P
    April V recently posted..It’s Friiiiiday…My Profile

  3. I love this! I am all for protein packed ideas and I say skeeved all the time!
    Cindy @Made2Style recently posted..{Recipe} Banana & Nutella CrepesMy Profile

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