Simple Coffee Filter Peonies and Smoked Apple Pie

I’m linking up with the Dare To D-I-Y link party.  This week’s theme is “Dare to Entertain”.   I’ll get to my entertaining themed project in a sec.  

Last Wednesday was Thanksgiving Eve, I host turkey day every year.  Every year there is some kind of fiasco.  This year we had the kitchen smoked out from a bubbling apple pie.  Who knew you had to put the pie dish on top of a baking sheet to prevent the juices splattering all over your oven?  Not this girl.  This picture was not taken out of focus.  My house was engulfed in a smoke cloud.  Notice that Max has been getting the decoration bug.  He added his red toy car to the shelving vignette.

smoke 2

This was not done single-handedly.   There’s my mom trying to look innocent.

smoke 1

I had accomplices.  A few of them.  Max’s quad is pulled up to the scene of the crime like a fire rescue vehicle.  My little helper.

smoke 3

Here’s a nice shot of my husband’s butt :P Yes I stood back and snapped photos of this event.  I had to document it.  The smoke alarm going off seems to be a yearly tradition.

The pie turned out great though.  People were impressed.  We kept our secret (unless my guests check my blog).

photo (86)

Okay.  I had to get that story off of my chest.  

Since I cram everyone at one really long table Whoville style, I put the food out in a buffet to save precious space.

The table I use for the buffet is 60″ square (pretty big)  so I place the food all around so the flow of turkey traffic moves around the table.   This leaves the center of the table looking bare and unfestive.  I use all white serve ware so I thought a simple white centerpiece would look clean and crisp.  

What’s a more classic centerpiece than a bunch of full flowers?  I wanted a modern twist so I made them.  Paper flowers seem to be all over the blogosphere.  So I made my favorite flowers.  Peonies.  A blogger that loves peonies…groundbreaking hahaha!  They really are my favorite flower.  Here’s my wedding bouquet:

See.  Obsessed.  They’re full and fluffy.  Perfection.

I attempted to recreate these puffers from stuff I found in my cabinet.  These would look cute on any table I think.

I love these coffee filter peonies

I didn’t set up a fancy and elaborate tablescape for this, but here’s a tutorial for you and you can email me your fabulous table.  I whipped these up in 10 minutes flat from start to finish a whole dozen. Each peony was made out of 4 coffee filters and a pipe cleaner.  These are embarrassingly easy to create.

Gorgeous DIY peonies made out of coffee filters!  I love these!

Start with 4 coffee filters.

DIY coffee filter peony

Crumple them to give them more texture.

Make peonies from coffee filters

Kind of smooth them out back into circles.

Pretty DIY flower craft

Pinch the center of one and fluff it out a little.

simple flower craft

Take another filter and place it under the first one and pinch the center then fluff the “petals” as well.

make fake peonies from coffee filters.  Amazing

Repeat this to the other two remaining coffee filters.  The pinched side should look something like this.

Lovely peonies made out of coffee filters

Wrap wire, pipe cleaner or floral wire around the pinched side.

Easy floral DIY

Fluff and arrange petals until you’re happy with the way it looks.

Simple fluffy peonies made from coffee filters

Easy peasy.

Make fluffy peonies from coffee filters.  Too easy.  So pretty!

Make a bunch, throw on a cute apron, snap a shameless bathroom selfie and enjoy entertaining :)

Finding Silver Linings DIY Peonies

Click here to see some amazing entertaining ideas for the holiday season.  It’s a link party, so link up, pin some great ideas, and recreate your favorites :)

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18 Responses to Simple Coffee Filter Peonies and Smoked Apple Pie

  1. Rita Mireles says:

    Love this!!! I was thinking when i saw the small picture “these would look great at a wedding”, then I saw the picture of your wedding photo. ha! They’re beautiful!

  2. lisa says:

    love the “smoky pics” !!!!

  3. Love these! You already know I want to make myself a bunch of these!

    Thanks for linking up to Dare to DIY!

  4. These are so cute! Sorry to hear about your apple pie! Last year I burnt all of the rolls and this year my mom did the same thing haha Bread isn’t safe around us apparently.
    Caitlin @ Desert Domicile recently posted..DIY Faux Snow Napkin RingsMy Profile

  5. cassie says:

    your flowers turned out so pretty! love what they add to the table!
    cassie recently posted..Dare to DIY Entertain: DIY Gold Horse Place Card Holders on a Christmas TablescapeMy Profile

  6. Super cute and I mean who doesn’t love peonies!!

  7. tia says:

    The flowers look so pretty!!! I need to try this one day.
    tia recently posted..[ Christmas Decorating ]My Profile

  8. April V says:

    The prettiest entertainer I ever did see… ;)

    That pie looks yummy!
    April V recently posted..Just a Little While Longer…My Profile

  9. Love them!! Anything that looks classy with minimal effort is a winner for me. And I’m with you on the peonies – I love them!! I want to plant a whole bunch next summer.
    Cindy @ The Flipping Couple recently posted..dare to entertainMy Profile

  10. Rachel says:

    1. Your apron is ridiculously cute.
    2. Your Apple pie looks so tasty, smoky kitchen and all!
    3. Beautiful wedding bouquet…And bride.
    4. Love the simple coffee filter peonies! Simple but lovely.
    Rachel recently posted..Dare to Entertain Link Party (and Simple Painted Table Runner)My Profile

  11. Bahahahaha. I still think we need our cooking show!

    I LOVE the peonies. Very pretty!
    michelle@decorandthedog recently posted..Holiday Mantel 2013: Nutcrackers GaloreMy Profile

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