Easy D-I-Y Easter Decorations

I wasn’t a huge Easter fan as a kid.  Yes, I loved having Cadbury mini eggs for breakfast.  That part was always great (and still is 😉  ).  I also used to like beating my little sister in our Easter egg hunt (yes, I was a jerk…I was 5 years older than her).  I also tried to booby trap the Easter Bunny one time *thumbs up* good stuff.

As I got older, I started to enjoy the little things about the holiday season. Warmer weather is on the horizon, Spring fashion, and pastel colors!  

Our house got a nice dose of Easter vibes this weekend.   I saw a similar centerpiece on Pinterest and knew I needed to make this for our house.

Edible Easter decorations. So cute!

Peeps, Easter grass & peanut M&Ms.  Stack them like a parfait.  I added some flowers on top, and then switched the flowers out for lamb shaped lollipops.  You could easily use jelly beans or Cadbury mini eggs in place of the M&Ms.

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12 thoughts on “Easy D-I-Y Easter Decorations

  1. yes you did always beat me with the easter egg hunt, but the story of how we tried to capture the easter bunny is epic. i still crack up thining about it. maybe one day we can do that for max

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