How To Make A Crib Canopy

After much debate and an online poll, I decided to put a sheer mesh canopy over the crib instead of framed artwork.  See the whole nursery here.  I absolutely love the look of this one featured by Restoration Hardware (accompanied by the Jameson crib collection).



I hunted online for one that had the same look, but I only found either canopies that were $150 +  or canopies that had a cone shaped top to it that hangs from the ceiling.  I wanted more of a flush mount type of look.  So, I did what I normally do and decided to make it myself.


I picked up a 14″ wooden emroidery hoop from Michael’s Crafts (and used a 40% off coupon plus my 15% teacher discount) and snagged it for about $8.  These 10″ hoops will work fine too and only cost $5.99 for two (wish I found them earlier) . Instead of buying the mesh fabric and sewing the panels, I bought a package of  “Lill” curtains from Ikea.  It doesn’t get much better than this, guys.  It costed me $5 for a set of 2 white mesh curtains that were the exact size I needed (110″ x 98″)  they’re huge!    I don’t know how else to say I love Ikea other than the fact that I just keep repeating it lol!  Rocco was trying to help with this project…




This total project ended up costing me $13.  Yeah.  Seriously.


Open the outer embroidery hoop all the way and remove the inner circle for now.



Slide on both curtains to the outer hoop.




Arrange them so that the fabric is evenly distributed around.  Now set it aside for now.


Take the inner wood circle and you can use a firm wire or do what I did and grab some random jute twine that I found laying around.    Clearly, Rocco is excited about this project.



I tied and knotted two pieces tightly around the hoop to make a cross.



I forgot to snap a shot, but I used a bit of wire to hold the top and bottom “x”‘s together.  This will be where you hang the canopy from.




Place the inner hoop inside the larger one and tighten the outer hoop.  I had the inner hoop pressed a little lower than the outer so the top of the canopy will sit flush against the ceiling when hooked up.


Screw  a small hook in your ceiling and hang canopy where the two ropes cross.

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15 thoughts on “How To Make A Crib Canopy

  1. Hi! So I love this idea! Would I need two curtains, each 110″ x 98″? Or two curtains that both add up to 110″ x 98″? Thanks!

  2. I ran across this after a google search and no luck at all on finding a canopy I liked. This was perfect. I bought the same curtains from IKEA (online, $5, yay!) and I’m so happy with the results that I just sit in the nursery and admire them. Excellent post, so easy to copy! Thanks so, so much! This added exactly what I thought was missing.

  3. Oh my gosh, Thank you for showing this. I too bought those curtains from Ikea and have been trying to figure out what to use to put it all together. Amazing, Thank you.

  4. Hi there!

    I am not skilled at sewing at all, so seeing this diy tutorial has given me s lot of hope!😇 I am wanting to make more of a canopy for crib darkening purposes. Do you think this project would would work if I made two canopies using two separate embroidery loops? Thanks!

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