My love for finding then repurposing things that people no longer want has no limits.  I have been known to “collect” things that I will one day find  a use for.  My husband has recently submitted my story to the TV show  Hoarders.

*rolls eyes*

I’m an art teacher.  It comes with the territory.  Not too many can say their workspace consists of  toilet paper rolls and empty baby food jars.  Yes, I’m so glamorous.  My co-worker’s daughter moved out and was getting rid of some things.  My co-workers are fully aware of my little condition.  Of course she brought me something she thought I’d like.



She was right!  I love anything with a natural texture.  I love anything that provides any kind of storage.


I’m not a huge fan of the blue and white stenciled hearts however.  But that’s nothing a little paint can’t fix!  I’m thinking of painting the flat top part and maybe the handles.


And because I can’t make a decision to save my life…

Do you think I should

A) paint the top black

B) paint the top white & grey chevron

C) paint the top  a funky bright color

D) leave it as is and give it to my mom

E) throw the darn thing out


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