Almost Famous

Okay, not quite.

So, I was poking around on my favorite fitness magazine’s website (Oxygen Magazine).   And saw my face smiling back at me! 

I sometimes get random advertisement emails from the magazine, so when I saw an email from them back in December, I didn’t flinch.  I actually skipped over about 2 or 3 of them (what?! I admit it!  You know you’ve done it).  One day, I was scanning through my inbox and saw another email from Oxygen and I noticed the subject line read : Clean Chicken Tortilla Soup”.  Since that’s a recipe that I shared with my friends on the magazine’s forum that was well received, I opened the email.

They chose to use my recipe for their online recipe feature for the month!  I was so excited!  This magazine is like my health bible!  The message stated that they were on a deadline and I needed to send them a photo of myself by 5 that evening!  UGH!  I only had wedding pictures that I liked of myself on my computer.  Apparently I only take pictures when I’m smiling with my eyes closed or if I’m fooling around and pretending to pick my nose (I never said I was mature). 

I raced home from work that day (in the rain) and most definitely skipped a day of washing my hair.  I went in my bathroom where the lighting is bright.  By the time I got home from work, it was 4:45.  I had 15 minutes to send a decent picture.  Um,  yeah, lipstick wasn’t fixing this hot mess.  I’ll keep it real, it’s a bad pic.  Don’t say I didn’t warn ya!

Check out my 15 minutes of almost fame by clicking here.

The recipe is posted on that page along with the mugshot of yours truly.

I also have the recipe right here on FSL .


Do you know how to capture a screen image or screengrab?  I can’t do it to save my life!  Help a sistah out.

Tell me about your 15 minutes of fame (or if you’re like moi, you’re 15 minutes of ALMOST fame!).  Link up!  I wanna see.

Have a faboosh day lovely readers!



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27 thoughts on “Almost Famous

  1. How fun is that!!!!! Congrats on being famous! 😀

    Screen grab… if you look on the upper right hand side of your keyboard (mines right above the number pad) you’ll see a button “prt sc” (print screen). I have to hit the “fn” (function) key simultaneously to get mine to work, but hit that… that will capture the screen… then paste it in word paintbrush and save! Voila! Hope that helps!

  2. To capture a screen, go to and download their screen capture software. It’s free and suuuuper easy, plus it lets you get just the image you want–you dont have to then use another program to crop the image. Hope this helps!

  3. Oh you look cute, but I think a little stressed, because of the deadline.

    I really like the recipe, I’ve got to try it. And I think Genie gave you the directions to do a print screen, and that should work for a PC environment. If you need something else, let us know.

    Congrats Love, you deserve it!!!

  4. OMG how cool–can I have your autograph?? 🙂

    I was in USA Today a few yrs ago in an article about saving money when the economy was starting to crash–I was on the homepage and on the second page of the first section!

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