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Food, Fun & Being A Housewife

Not in the sense that I don’t teach art anymore although I would love to stay home and take care of Max. I didn’t give myself that title. Muscle & Fitness Hers did. A “Fit Housewife of New England” to … Continue reading

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100 Free Shutterfly Prints

If you follow me on Instagram (@FindingSilverLinings) then you know how I adore taking pictures!  I snap away throughout the day and have grown quite used to taking photos on my iPhone.  I actually hardly ever use a regular camera … Continue reading

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Postagrams Rock My Socks

I am painfully aware of my Instagram obsession.  It’s almost embarrassing.  I have to buy more memory on my phone because I sucked up all the virtual space since I take phone pics like it’s my job.    I rarely use my “big … Continue reading

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Monthly Baby Photo Prop Idea

Since Max is 3 months old today (where did the time go?),  I’d like to share yet another schmorgasboard of baby pictures.  Oh.  Yeah.  And a D-I-Y idea ;) .  A while back, I shared this quick and easy canvas art project.  … Continue reading

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Max’s Newborn Photos

Every mom has a right to brag a little right?  Well, this is the first of probably many proud mama posts. We had Baby Max’s photos professionally taken when he was six days old.  I just wanted to share our … Continue reading

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YHL Book Signing = Star Struck FSL

If you follow homey, crafty, DIYish blogs, I’m sure you have heard of John and Sherry of Young House Love.  If you follow along here on this blog, you know I’m obsessed I read YHL. You probably also know that … Continue reading

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No-Shave November

  In honor of this manly month, FSL is bringing you a recipe, an app, and a few gratuitous pictures of my favorite fella.   Max is all boy.  Check out this remote hog!  Seriously.  Men!     First off, … Continue reading

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D-I-Y Halloween Art

I was always that kid who drew mustaches on photos of my friends and family, blacked out a few teeth, and sketched on funny hair or hats.  Yep,  I’m a regular ole vandal.  You heard it here first.   I’m … Continue reading

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Monkey Around

Blogging has introduced me to some pretty amazing people and their wonderful ideas. Click on any of the links to the right in the side bar and you’ll see what I mean.  Michelle from Decor & The Dog has so … Continue reading

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Friday’s Fruit

Okay, I know.  I know I said I’d have a series every week.   It was one of my blog goals.  Well, Eye Candy Fridays will return one day.  For now, since I’ve got baby on the brain, I’m introducing the … Continue reading

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