Easy DIY Favors For A School Birthday (Free Printable!)

So If you follow me on Instagram (@FindingSilverLinings), you know that Max is now in preschool.  With all of the allergy precautions and liabilities that school have regarding food, kids are not allowed to bring cupcakes -or anything edible for that matter–  to celebrate birthdays.  This is of course very sad for parents like me that love to bake!

I had to do a little brainstorming and came up with a free project!  I did a quick Pinterest search for free printable cupcake picks.  Why would I need cupcake picks if I am not allowed to bring in cupcakes? Because I want to repurpose them.  I found these superhero ones on this blog.  Click the photo below or the previous link to get the free printable.


I printed these on cardstock, used my 2″ circle punch and hot glued two together with a colorful pencil stuck in the middle.  I ended up with this.

Easy DIY non-edible treats to hand out at school for a child's birthday

You could use any cupcake pick template.  There are a bunch floating around on the net.  Super simple, free, most importantly non-edible treats for Max to hand out to his little friends at school.  Easy peasy.

For more simple crafts click here to check out my projects page.  See what I’m sharing on Pinterest!

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