What To Do If You Wash A Disposable Diaper By Accident

Alternate post titles:

“It’s snowing in my washing machine”

“Oh no! She ruined the laundry again!”

“Mindy will never own her own laundromat”


***le sigh***


Yup.  This happened.


Easy fix when you wash a disposable diaper


I was on my game last Saturday night.  I dusted, washed the floors, and threw Max’s laundry in the wash so it would be nice and fresh for his cake smash pictures that were scheduled for Sunday morning.  Since I am quite officially the crowned Queen of Procrastination, I let his laundry pile up until his hamper was overflowing.  In other words: all of his clothes (including the new adorable outfit I bought him for these pictures).

Sunday morning I opened the washing machine to find EVERYTHING covered in this sticky snow-like gel .

What happens when you wash a disposable diaper

Here’s one of his bibs.

How to fix your laundry when you wash a disposable diaper

Total disaster.  I called my best friends that have kids and have surely done this before.  The verdict was that all of the clothes were ruined.  In addition to being a procrastinator, I possess other worldly qualities like extreme stubbornness.  So, not wanting to believe that Max’s ENTIRE wardrobe was destroyed in one single Mindy Moment, I began frantically Googling.   I searched various responses like “the gel won’t come out of your washer ever, throw your clothes out” and ” you had better have a shop vac handy”.  Yeahhhh, no.  I kept searching until I saw a simple answer.  Salt.  Yes.  Salt.  I could handle that.  I guess the diaper gel beads fill when liquid hits them to absorb.  Salt has the reverse effect.  Scientific.  I’ll try it.  I ran the wash again and dumped about 1/2 cup of table salt in and crossed my snow covered fingers.

It worked!  Google saves the day again.  The clothes weren’t dry in time for Max’s shoot, but I didn’t need to buy an entire 12-18 month wardrobe.  Win.  Go ahead and pin this to your “Life Hacks” board :P

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  1. lisa says:

    Mindy! WOW! im sooo glad the salt worked!!! I didn’t know it made this much of a mess! OMG!

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