Who needs a box?!

I’m all for non traditional means of storage.  We all need a place to stash our goodies, but doing this creatively is so much better! I was given these pretty cracked glass decorations.

I could have put them on my coffee table, I could have put a few tea lights in them, but I wanted them in my bedroom.  I tend to clutter (and I vowed to stop cluttering in our new house).  So I made these puppies multi task for me.  I popped my jewelry in them, and Poof!  Sure beats my ugly jewelry box that I used to keep inside my dresser drawer.  If it’s pretty enough to wear on your body, it’s pretty enough to display, right?

Pretty nifty. (I think Rocco is determined to be in every picture I take one way or another! It’s like frikkin Where’s Waldo!)

Here’s a few other ideas for jewelry storage I’ve had my eyes on from Urban Outfitters:

Got some really cool jewely storage ideas to share?

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