DIY Time Out Chair

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a D-I-Y project, so this feels good to type.  Most of the projects I’ve tackled have come about by me needing something and not wanting to pay a ton of money for it.  This particular one happened because I needed it.

Max is 21 months old (I can’t even believe that I have a toddler) which means he has one foot in the door to the notorious “terrible twos”.


Sweet little bugger isn’t he? Oh how quickly something as innocent and calming as a day by the beach can shift into high gear with Mad Max around.

Exhibit A:

When the time arises and a time out is needed, I think the time out should happen in the same place.  We were using a regular sized chair.  Max seemed to think it was fun to sit in a grow up chair and actually began enjoying his time outs by climbing all over the thing.  I found this teeny chair at a tag sale for $2.  Sold.

time out chair

The white was cute but I thought it was too girlie for Mr. Max.  I prepped the chair’s surface in the same manner as shown here, then placed it on an old rug so Mr. FSL didn’t flip out worrying that I spray painted our patio again (oops).  I spray painted on some stripes and let it dry.

Nice color combo

It didn’t seem complete, so I added some words and decoration.

photo 4(2)

We have been using this chair for a couple of months and it seems to work better for him.  I think it’s better that he gets on and off the chair by himself rather than my husband or me placing him on and off.  Somehow it seems less harsh and lets Max feel more in control of the situation.

Do you use a time out chair for your little one?  Any discipline tips or tricks for this first time mama?  Please share!

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Home Made Croutons & Things We Are Loving

Summer vacation is staring to wind down.  If you’re a teacher or a student then you know as we creep through August, you try to squeeze every last bit of goodness out before we go back to the grind.  Here are some of our latest faves we’ve been enjoying this summer.

Max has been digging his Doc McStuffins doctor kit.  He is not a fan of visiting the physician, so we are hoping that will change when he goes for his 2 year check up and he recognizes  the doctor’s “toys”.  He has been checking my ears a lot and he says he is looking for kitty cats and cows in there.  Hopefully he doesn’t find any.    He is very thorough and makes house calls.

photo 1(7)

photo 2(5)photo 3(6)

photo 4(5)

I think there is a chance of him taking up medicine in the future.


Mr. FSL is getting the “Amazing Dad” award.  He is so instinctive when it comes to Max.  He never complains when Max is acting up and he needs to be, ahem, removed from a situation (like yelling in church at a baptism).

photo(349) Or when to comfort Max to calm him down when he is nervous.  We took him on a ferris wheel and Max was pretty apprehensive about it.  He kept saying “All done mama? All done dada?”.

photo(351)Mr. FSL also knows when to party with Max.  Here’s a pic from Max’s first trip to the movies.  We saw Planes (in 3D).  Max immediately ripped his shirt, shoes and socks off.  I never witnessed anything like it before.  He refused to put them back on.  Instead of insisting Max get dressed (which would have totally threw him into a tantrum) he put on his 3D shades and just rolled with it.


As for me, I’ve been obsessing over a few things.  Pearls and Pastries for one.  Just look.

This whole space embodies ME!  I want to redo my entire house in glitter and rainbow tassels.

In the kitchen, I’ve been scarfing these suckers down by the handful.  Home made croutons.  Gaaaaawd!  They’re so easy to make and taste so good, I don’t think I will ever buy croutons again.  We went out to dinner and the waitress gave us a loaf of  bread to take home.  We aren’t big sandwich eaters over here,  so it sat on our counter for a day or two.  Instead of throwing the bread to the birds, I made these.


  • 1 loaf of stale bread
  • 1/2 stick butter (4 tablespoons)
  • 1 clove minced garlic



  • Pre heat oven to 350
  • Melt butter then stir in garlic
  • Cube the bread into bite size pieces then toss in garlic butter mixture
  • Bake for 15 minutes on a baking sheet or until crispy

The best home made crouton recipe ever.

I had to get close up on that one.  They taste as good as they look.

What have you been loving lately?  Share here!



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Protein Cookie Dough

You guyssssss!  Summer is in full swing.  Being a teacher, this means I have time.  Time to do what I want to do like go to the beach with Max,  do some stuff around the house, food shop in the morning with no crowds, and hit the gym.  After busting my tush with a crazy workout (check out @IamMissFit for some killer workouts on Instagram) I don’t want to come home and blow it on sweets.  But, like, I wanna eat cookie dough every now and then ya know?!  You guys know I love my desserts.  Not even love…LUUUURRRRVVVEE!

Well, this recipe is the ONE! The one that saved my healthy eating this week.  I was going to post a D-I-Y but needed to get this recipe off my chest.   There are only 4 ingredients and there aren’t any weird artificial things happening here.

photo 5(1)Let me talk about the texture for a sec.  Sometimes healthy recipes that use protein powder have a strange consistency.  This is not one of those recipes.  The taste and texture are dead on.  Look.

Oh my goodness! PROTEIN cookie dough!!!  Dream come true

Now that I have your attention, this recipe makes 5-6  one inch bites (or if you’re lazy too hungry or me and just want to eat it by the spoonful, it makes a full disposable bowl!).

4 ingredient protein cookie dough bites


  • 1 scoop vanilla protein powder (I use BSN whipped vanilla)
  • 1.5 T light agave nectar
  • 2T natural peanut butter
  • 1t mini chocolate chips

Mix the first three ingredients until dough begins to form the add in your chips. If dough seems too dry add in 1/2 teaspoon of water or almond milk until desired texture. Roll into truffles or eat straight from the bowl :)  If storing these, place in a ziplock in the fridge.

4 ingredient protein bites that tasxte exactly like cookie dough


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